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Their templates are divided into lots of various classifications, varying from marketing all the way to personnels. You can track all of your documents under the Files tab, which keeps track of which propositions remain in development, sent, expired, or viewed.

Through their drag-and-drop features, you can develop proposals in minutes while adding e-signature functions to streamline the approval procedure. Pandadoc uses ready-made templates that can be customized and kept in a content library for future use.

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Their content library lets you keep your propositions for future usage, allowing for higher brand name consistency. They also have a Brochure function that automates the pricing of your proposals and quotes. The prices table pre-configure items and rates as you type your documents.

They likewise offer real-time notifies to alert you whenever a file is being accessed or when a signature has been made. You can see the status of each file sent out and whether the customer has actually engaged with it or not.

PandaDoc likewise provides plenty of combinations with third-party applications. These combinations include: